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My Gallery / Meine Photo-Gallerie

Mike's Bon Voyage Party

Maggie's 4th Birthday

Click here for more pictures/Klick hier für mehr Bilder - Evangeline Mae Kennell

Shellie's & Herachio's wedding Aug 11, 2007

Mona's and Travis' wedding

Tommy's 20th Birthday

San Diego June 2007 Quickbooks Conference

2007_0415SpringandVacation0108 Cordula's Easter Pictures in Orange Beach

Heather's Easter Pictures in Orange Beach

Mother's Day 2007/Muttertag 2007

Wedding Amanda & Derrick Holmes 4/14/2007

Easter 2007 in Orange Beach

Lisa's 60. Geburtstag

Kaffeeklatsch bei Amlings Feb. 25, 2007

Christmas 2006 at the Cheniers

Christmas Morning 2006

Heathers Birthday October 22, 2006

Deutsch-Schweizer-Louisiana-Texas Summit/Gipfeltreffen

Tour of New Orleans - One year after Katrina - October 2006

Conference in New Orleans - October 2006

Germanfest in Roberts Cove October 7, 2006

Wedding Claudine Sam September 9, 2006

Summer 2006 Vacation in Orange Beach

"Always Patsy Cline" at Nick on 2nd in Eunice, LA on July 14, 2006

Visit in Geneseo, NY and Boston, MA June 2006

Longfellow reads Longfellow May 21, 2006

Ian's Graduation May 20th, 2006

Opening Gifts/Öffnung der Geschenke

Heather's and Ian's Wedding/Hochzeit 12-30-2005

Rehearsal/Probe Dec. 28, 2005

Bridal Shower Dec 4, 2005

Sending wedding invitations

Besuch aus Deutschland Mai, 2005

Angelle Nash's Christening May 14, 2005

Sr. Audrey's Jubilee April 9, 2005

April 2005 in New York

Easter/Ostern 2005 in Opelousas


Angelle Denise Nash

Francine's Debutant Ball January 23, 2005

More Christmas/Weihnachten 2004

Christmas/Weihnachten 2004

Halloween Party 2004

Oktoberfest in Gonzales, LA 2004

  Etha in New Orleans 2004

In New York for Maggie's 1st Birthday - October 2004

Heather's Graduation from TH Harris August 18, 2004

August 2004 - Pensacola, Florida

July 2004 Fort Worth

4th of July weekend at Cypremort Point

Lilly's 70th Birthday

Father's Day 2004

Juergen's New York Pictures June 2004

Randy's New York Pictures June 2004

Maggie' Christening May 30, 2004

Dr. Jason Hayes M.D. May 22, 2004

Easter/Ostern 2004 with Maggie & Cordula in Opelousas

Fasching in Rayne February 8, 2004

Christmas 2003

Heather in Geneseo, NY 2003

Maggie Mae December 7, 2003

German/Lafayette Christmas Party Dec. 6, 2003

More pictures from our visit to New York Oct/Nov 2003

we are proud about our granddaughter Magdalene Mae

  Oktoberfest in Ponchatoula 2003

  German Fest Roberts Cove 2003

  Cat Island August 2003

  Lobster Fest at Prejean's August 7, 2003

  July 4, 2003 at Cleo's house (and swimming pool)

The Wiz May 31, 2003

Class of '63 Reunion May 2003

  Easter/Ostern 2003 in Orange Beach, Alabama

0003.jpg (94461 bytes)    Visit from JC's Sam family April 5, 2003



100_0124 (2).JPG (59329 bytes)    Julie's and Eric's wedding April 5, 2003

000_0005.jpg (66117 bytes) Crawfish boil 2003 at Ian's house

image001.jpg (460533 bytes) Alex "Butch's" Birthday Party March 8, 2003

Christmas_2002_005.jpg (325141 bytes) Christmas 2002

Christening of Claude and Jackie November 16, 2002




Visit to San Francisco November 2002


PDRM0225.JPG (417691 bytes) Wendy's and Nicholas' Wedding

Cordula's and Jeff's Wedding/Hochzeit

Cordula's and Jeff's Wedding Rehearsal August 24, 2002

Visit in New York August 2002


Rita and Keith Sam's wedding July 20, 2002


Ducks Graduation

Crawfish Boil at Nita's house


Besuch von Indu und Sampath aus Berlin

Ostern 2002 in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Amanda's Birthday Bash March 30. 2002

Aunt Ethel's and Uncle JC's 50th anniversary

Silvester/New Years Eve 2001

Christmas/Weihnachten with the family on December 25, 2001

Kaffeeklatsch bei Christel am 16. Dezember 2001

Office Christmas Party December 14, 2001

Vicky's and Jon's Wedding November 24, 2001

Uncle Tanu's 90th Birthdayparty - October 21, 2001

Doctor's Award October 21, 2001 in Lafayette

Matanda and Sidney Jr.'s Wedding November 10, 2001

Maud and Herbert Jones

Alisha and John's Wedding October 13, 2001

Visit in New York October 2001

Welcome Back Krista from Big Brother 2

Charlene's and Larry's 25th Anniversary celebration

Easter/Ostern 2001

Melissa's Graduation and Debutant Ball

Kaffeeklatsch with German Friends bei Amling's

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