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                              Graveyards & Headstones in St. Landry Parish
Since more than 20 years, Etha and I have been searching for our ancestors. What began as a little hobby developed into almost a real full-time second job. From Etha's side we are researching mainly the Simien, Demouchet, Sam, Scott and Darjean families. On my genealogy website at you can see the information we have gathered so far. To see information on living people you need to register.

I'm often asked which computer program I use for keeping track of my genealogy information and after a long search and trying out a lot of different programs I found the one that suits me the best to be Legacy (current version is 6, version 7 is supposed to be out soon and if you buy version 6 now, you get version 7 for free when it is out). It is not perfect (so far I haven't found the perfect one yet), but it's a good compromise between ease of use and functionality. If you are interested in it, here is a link to it. The standard version is free and the Deluxe version is $29.95 for downloading and $39.95 as CD with book. The standard version is full functional without time or number of people restrictions, but of course the Deluxe version has more "bells and whistles". I believe the program is well worth it.